John Tenza

As an award winning manager and multiple office owner, John Tenza discovered principles of success that work in any market.  He knows firsthand what it takes to successfully lead others to greater Results in any market and has been hired numerous times to quickly turn-around real estate companies.

With over 1,000 professional speaking presentations across North America, John is known as a high-content, relevant and inspiring speaker who leverages real street experience and learning into results that count!

As a Past President of the National Speakers Association Michigan Chapter and a Past National Chair of the NSA Professional Sales Experts Group, John presents timely solutions that really work as a Sales and Communication Expert and Results Coach.

John Tenza believes that an effective agent is a good communicator, builds relationships, serves others effectively and makes a positive difference for the people they work with to generate better results!

John, thank you for bringing your energy and ‘can do’ spirit to our company. Since you began training our sales volume has hit a 20-year company record! And, several individuals have achieved personal best records! These are the fruits of your labor. – Robert Garrow, Broker